Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Unfolding Newness of Being

If 2012 was to mark the end of something in our lives let it take with it the effort and striving to achieve, control and mask our belief  in our inadequacy. Let these times now be for discovering our inner freedom, our connection life, with others and the challenges that come.

We can look to what is new discovered now and in doing so give rise to this newness as it births into this great unknown mysterious collaboration of divine madness. Madness as the old conditioning plays out repeating the same patterns and divine as we wake up to this. These pinches of awareness add something new to the old pattern. The pressure of the old and new together simultaneously birth a new way of experiencing life directly rather than conceptually.

When we let go of the need to try to change ourselves, others or life to match our ideals and images our bodies can relax, our hearts open and our minds clear. In this way we can engage in what is here right now that wants to be seen, felt and heard and opens the way for engaging most skillfully with discernment. We take care of what is here sweeping the floor, making a family meal or assisting in a business solution. It may be tending to our health, an aching heart or a wave of emotion that has not found rest. Anything we have tried to tuck away and deal with  later wants to be seen and it keeps knocking at our door. We can say yes next time it shows itself rather than wait for a more improved version of ourselves that never comes.

More never comes and if it does it doesn't stay for long.  Can we let this past momentum of never having enough die so that we may live? We can only know that if we let ourselves fully stop and look to see if life as it is right now is okay. Is it okay to feel what we are feeling right now, to have these thoughts, or sensations. If we do not find this acceptance naturally here then we can see what is here. It is usually resistance that stands firmly waiting to be noticed. As we see mind has been resisting it lets go as it only wanted to be noticed. This strength of resistance was useful at one point but takes effort to keep in place and hold on to. Its job of defence is relieved when we see there is nothing to defend and it can retire. We can tell it to be at ease and give space for this natural innate wellness of being. In seeing there is no need to defend an old imagined self this pure life energy can be used for doing what we want to do and follow our heart's calling. As this old mental task master dies a new innocence is born that sees love shining plainly where it was not noticed before.

The new is being birthed through us in every moment. We  notice this when we allow intimacy with whatever is happening inside ourselves. This then reveals our intimacy with all of life and the recognition there is no separation. The imagined barrier between us and everything else dissolves as living through conceptual overlay drops away from our true alive nature. 

It is beautiful that this movement of awakening is so gradual as knowing ourselves as this vastness takes getting used to. We move beyond our skin and bones to know ourselves and others as both human and divine in nature in, as and through all seasons of birth, growth and death. We discover natural inner joy, love and peace and know we are only tasting a bit of what is infinitely available and ever unfolding. We begin to slow down and enjoy life as it and respond to what comes.

We come to understand there are no mistakes as life is unfolding as it only could in connection with everything else. As we open to the current of life and flow in that direction there is space to enjoy and play at life rather than run from or for it. We experience glimpses of the infinite, inexhaustible and unlimited nature of existence of which we are playing our perfect roles. We know our true desire and purpose is to be here as we are part of a greater whole awakening. This freedom from the past delivers our wholeness birthing us into existence just as we are, again and again as a perfect expression of Life itself. 

Letting go of desire to grasp the mental conceptual teachings opens our being to experience and realize this Aware Presence is on-going. Knowing that we never reach a destination and never arrive is the end of suffering in time, putting our ideas of perfection and inadequacy to rest. Here we allow the natural newness of Life to be as it is, ever new and fresh aliveness. As we die to what is not real we are born to the aliveness of what is effortlessly happening. We can welcome the reality of our everyday life and let it be our guide as we live in the honesty and strength of our true heart wisdom.